Thursday, July 2, 2009

McCoy BIOCERA Laundry Ball

My hubby had just passed to me a flyer about McCoy BIOCERA Laundry Ball. What is this?? Never heard before. That's my response.

In the flyer, it is stated the advantages are :
1. replaces detergent and softener
2. save water, space, electricity, time and money
3. deodorant,anti-bacteria & hypo-allergenic. Good for sensitive skin and babies.
4. no harmful chemicals in water after laundry
(I summarised the long winded descriptions in the flyer)

Out of curiosity, I google for this product and here is what I found

Have anyone used this before? Can advise whether this is really affective for doing laundry washing? If yes, I might go get some too :)

Please leave your comments, if any. Thanks ya!


  1. Never tried this before. A bit skeptic on this.

  2. i bought one from ntuc fair price...its good...clothes come out clean, has no detergent smell but does have fresh smell

  3. Mmm... a trip to NTUC later ...

  4. so how it is? Is the product good?

  5. Anonymous > Well I didn't buy it in the end as I have some doubts whether the chemical used is safe or not. I don't dare to take any unknown risk ;P


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