Wednesday, February 4, 2009

IKEA : My Favourite Thing

Here's something I bought from IKEA recently and I love it a lot

So here it is .....

Good thing is that it has a transparent plastic cover ....

And is collapsible for storage.

I had actually bought a few and is using them for the following :

1. Storage for dirty laundry (different box for different type of laundry).
2. Wardrobe clothes compartment organiser.
3. Shoe storage compartment.

And here's the name of the product if you are interested too :)


  1. Speaking of laundry. What do you use for your soap powder?

  2. Do you mean the brand of the powder or the type of container for the powder?

  3. Oh for the container, I just recycled from the tarpau (takeaway) food container. I made quite good uses of those in different ways. And they are free anyway :)

  4. Oh...I bought one of those rice bins & use it for laundry soap powder. The half-flip cover & wheels make it perfect for soap powder. Also, it looks nice & neat. Thought I'd jus share that with you. :)

  5. That's a good one! Maybe one day I'll list out all my containers on my blog then we can share more ideas! ;)

  6. Yah sure!!! I love doing home DIY stuff too. I just finished DIYing the ikea shoe rack. Will show u pics soon. :)


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