Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming back from Bangkok

Ho Ho Ho .... I am BACK HOME !!!

Yup, I have been to Bangkok recently and really enjoyed myself there ;D

Actually this is the first time of me going there, even though it is so close to Singapore and lots of Singaporean travel to Bangkok for short trips.

Well, contrary for me, I didn't get to do as much shopping as I wanted, as I spent most of my time going from here to there to do sight-seeings. And I wasn't dissappointed ;)

First, I like the historical sights such as Ayutthaya, Railway of the Death and Bridge over River Kwai. Second, I like the prettier-than-original-naturally-made ah-kwas (tranvestites). Thirdly, of course, the shoppings !!

Well, as I am now suffering from the after-effect of travelling in Bangkok... so can't stay too long on my computer at this moment. Will post the photos when they are ready ;)

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