Wednesday, January 30, 2013 discount coupon code SKP520

Good news! I had just bought some stuffs from and found this :

There is this January Special where every customer is a VIP customer! Also, if you order $200.00 or more during this month, (instead of the required cumulative $2,000.00) your account will be elevated to VIP account, ongoing! This special VIP offer will expire at 12 midnight, Pacific Time, January 31st.
Apart from that, there is also January 2013 - DHL Challenge where DHL has offered a new set of discounts for some countries. For purchase above $60.00, there is up to 95% off DHL published rates!

So you had guessed right, of course I had bought lots of things in order to meet the VIP life-long account requirement ;)

So for those who are interested, there is a Discount Coupon Code SKP520. Just enter the code during Check Out or you can directly click here.

There will be $10 off for any first-time purchase of $40 or more. And for orders less than $40, you will receive a $5 discount. Orders of $60.00 or more a minimum 5% discount will be applied toward order total.

There is also free shipping for U.S. orders over $40.00.

Hoorays for iHerb !!!

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