Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Rid of Conficker Worm

Haven't been blogging for a few days. You know why? It is all because of the Malicious Conficker Worm !!!

For the past few days I have been updating and checking my computer and laptop security system and programs till late last night after receiving some urgent updating messages ...

Anyway for those who aren't aware about Conficker (I think some called it Conflicker too) or have not done anything on it, here I list out the things that I have been doing to my system up till now, and hope it could still able of help to you people out there :)

Please follow the step-by-step guide below :

1. Update or upgrade your Anti-Virus Scanning Program and virus / malware / adware (and whatever ware ...) definition files to the latest version into your system.

2. Scan your whole system using your Anti-Virus Scanning Program (in full scan mode).

3. To be sure that you got a wider coverage, run similar check via this online anti-virus checking website called Housecall.

4. Clean up all found virus and whatever-ware in your system.

5. Run "Windows Update" to update your OS to the latest version.

6. Update your Adobe Reader, Java Runtime and internet browser.

7. Pray hard that your computer / laptop system is safe.

That's all.

For those who have been busy due to Conficker too, hope you can advise further if there are things that I should be doing but is not. Thanks!


  1. Hello there Cecil! Great post, I've been running scans on my computer. I hope my computer is safe. Take Care.


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