Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Thoughts on Homemaking

Well the past few weeks have been quite busy for me ... and I think it's time for me to have some reflections.

After a few months of becoming a full time homemaker, I think I am starting to get into the daily rhythm of homemaking. And I am definite becoming more and more aunty-like to the extent of me finding myself nagging more and more! (Disclaimer : I do not mean that all aunties nag a lot, just that I am beginning to fall into the category of the nagging type). And the worse is that I am now finding my brain degenerating, maybe due to less thought stimulants around me. I must do something to prevent further deterioration!

Maybe one way of doing it is for me to setup a network of homemakers in Singapore (I believe this will be able to help preventing my little brain and social circle from shrinking further). Is there anyone out there seconding me on this?


  1. I tot we already have a network??? ;P hee

  2. Yeah yeah we have one here ;D

  3. Where is that network, I'd like to join;)

    Association of Nagging Homemakers ;) hehehe!

  4. Some ideas are coming through my mind. Stay tune for some good news soon! ;)


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