Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Curious Case of Burnt Turner

As I was browsing through the internet, I saw this post from The Foodie's Food Trip. I was very excited by the post. Why? Because I just had the same experience few weeks ago!

Oh my poor plastic Turner!

My Plastic Turner got BURNT halfway during cooking! And mind you, I wasn't leaving the turner on the heating cooking pan or any kind of carelessness action. I was just stirring the meat as per normal in the pan. The difference is that I had just increased the stove flame volume.

Initially what I see was just some foreign black substances on the meat that I was cooking, and I thought I had burnt the meat. But upon stirring, I could feel that the texture of the UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object) was different from what a charred meat should be. And a few seconds later, this was what I saw ...

Should I send you for cosmetic surgery?
*Thinking hard again*
I think better not. First you would need more maintenance. Second you might inflict injuries on yourself again.
Not that I am cold-hearted, just that I am a very poor chap.
*Pitying you and myself*

So after some deliberating, I concluded that I should get another new turner instead of trying to salvage this damaged one. And so I get myself a new turner *drum roll please*

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing ....

Ok. Ok. I know I am too poor to afford that turner. So I changed my mind to got myself a cheaper version.

Introducing my new Wooden Turner

I have been using this wooden turner for nearly a month and so far so good *touch wood* (pun intended).

Lesson learnt : DO NOT use plastic turner if you need to cook in high heat as the plastic might melt anytime.

PS : Initially when this 'saga' happened, I thought that I was a moron to spoil a turner in this manner. So now I am relieved that it is proven the fault is not mine since I could see another person having similar experience. Or is it that there is another moron on this earth? *wink*

PPS (13 Mar 09) : Received an email from one of my reader saying that there is this silicon turner that won't get burnt ... but I have not seen it before .... Does anyone had experiences with silicon turner? Please share! Thanx :)


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