Monday, March 9, 2009

More of Petronas Chinese New Year Commercials

Here's some more of Petronas' Chinese New Year Commercials!
(As I have been watching these same stuffs over and over again once in a while, I think I am going to start a compilation on this *wink*).

PS. I am not paid by Petronas to advertise for them ... but if any of you Petronas guys happen to stumble upon my blog, I'll be very glad if Petronas could offer to pay for all my car petrol for the whole year ;)

Here they are :

Year 2005

Year 2004
MIA (Missing In Action)
Public cooperation is very much needed in finding the missing one. Any sightings, please report immediately to the authority at this toll free number. Any informant leading to the recovery of the lost item will be rewarded by listing his/her name in the Hall of Honor. The authority is announcing no monetary reward as it is currently in budget deficit condition.

Year 2003

Year 2002

Year 2001

Year 2000

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