Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips for choosing beddings

Here's some tips on how to choose the right bedsheet set :

1. Find out what size and side thickness length of bedding you need.

2. Think about what theme you want. Would you want a simple stripe, polka dots, or a floral design? The color that you prefer?

3. Pay attention to what the sheets you're buying are made out of.

4. Pay attention to the weave of the cotton if you're buying cotton.

5. Check the "thread count" on the label.

6. Most sheet sets come with a fitted sheet / plain sheet, two pillowcases and sometimes also a bolster case. You may also want to buy a quilt cover, blanket or comforter.

7. Washing: Some comforters can be washed in home washing machines if the machine is large enough. Some comforters however may require that you to take them to be dry cleaned or to a laundromat (laundromats tend to have a few larger machines for this purpose.) Be patient and follow the care directions. If washing at home or laundromat, don't use harsh detergents and use the extra rinse cycle. When it comes to drying the comforter in the dryer, toss a tennis ball or two into the dryer with the comforter and allow the comforter to take 3-4 hours to dry.


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