Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cheap pseudo Crocs Beach Clogs

Guess what I had done when I was in China? Of course lots of shopping! In the end I ended up buying 2 new luggage bags to fit in all my stuffs to bring back home :)

In fact I had been thinking of getting this Crocs Beach Clog for quite some time. I tried it in one of Crocs' store at Plaza Singapura last month. But the price was around SGD 55 !

Then I found it at a range of USD 18 - 30 at Amazon, as shown below :

But in the end, I found something that looks a bit different but feels about the same in comfort level at one of the city in China for less than SGD 20 per pair!

And of course in the end I bought nearly a dozen of them back in different sizes and colors for relatives ;)

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