Friday, May 15, 2009

Scent of a Woman

I am not going to talk about Scent of a Women : The Movie today. I am actually going to talk about something that we find it disgusting in our daily lives. Guess what I am going to discuss about?

Body odour (did you guess it right?).

This thought came to me yesterday when I found that my whole kitchen was "conquered" by the oily smell after a long struggle whipping up dishes in that small space of mine, even the cooking hood's filtering system had proven useless. And what makes me annoyed was I smelled like my grease-enveloped kitchen too, even after a bath :(

Then I started to ponder. Ever since I have become a full time housewife, I have been frequently surrounded by smells of cooking oil, laundry detergent, cleaning liquid, etc. And these scents started to become part of my "body odour". Yuck, what a gruesome thought !!

No, I cannot let these spoil the olfactory delights of those who stand near me. So I'll go in search for ways to infuse fragrance around me.

Of course, the easiest method is for me to get a daytime wear feminine scent (such as Bob Mackie perfume) which I can easily get it online. I could also get to choose a wide variety of perfumes at any shopping centers.

And another alternative is for me to create my own.

Now, are you starting to think what I am thinking? (*winks*)


  1. Babe, close kitchen doors when cooking & burn aromoatheraphy oils or home fragrances in the living room. Mine always smells of cranberry & bedrooms always smells of pure essential oils...

  2. Hi Daph, do you mind letting me know which brand you are using and how much do all these cost per monthly usage? Planning to get some too ;)


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