Monday, May 11, 2009

Guangzhou (Canton) : Oh, Glorious Food !

Remember I mentioned about me envying the life of people in China in one of my previous posts? In fact one of the cities in China that make me feel most like staying for good is Guangzhou (which is also called Canton). Why?

First of all, there is too much good food around. Guangdong, the province where Guangzhou is located, is famous for the best cuisine and delicacy in China. Thus, people there get to taste mouth-watering spread anywhere and anytime of the day.

And of course I won't let myself be left out of the train when I was there ;)

One of my Dim Sum breakfasts in Guangzhou

Basically I was eating most of the time when I was in Guangzhou (Canton). Every early morning was marked by Dim Sum breakfasts in some of the famous restaurants there. And mind you, I really have to be very early to beat the crowd. So every morning I reach the restaurants at around 7am and thought that I will be able to catch the worms (you see, I never start taking breakfasts so early back when I am in Singapore).

But how wrong was I! The restaurants were fully packed most of the time. And I ended up either waiting for the next available empty table or had to share tables with others.

"Tao Tao Ju"
A famous age old Dim Sum restaurant since Qing Dynasty

The ambience makes me wanna linger on even when I am full

And I had some culture shock! When the locals are having breakfasts at the restaurants, they will be sitting there for hours, sometimes till nearly noon time. This is because most of them are either retrenched or retired. Unlike the elders in Singapore (who are mostly too busy looking after their grandchildren), those in Guangzhou enjoys a leisure life as the ratio of grandparents to kids is 4:1 and the kids are either at nurseries or schools on weekday mornings.

Fully occupied restaurant - with elders and retrenched

There was even one lady in early forties that I came across, who were retrenched and is now living on a pension of more than RMB1,000 per month! For someone who is not working but getting paid that much monthly (in comparison to Chinese living standard), isn't that an envy for those who are caught in the rat race like us?

With good food and relaxed lifestyle, that's why I said the Chinese are enjoying their lives there!

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