Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts on China and Hong Kong

Here I am again after MIA for some long period of time ;)

Just came back from overseas trips, in fact from China and Hong Kong.

Actually this is not the first time of me visiting these two places. But this time, the feeling is very much different from previous trips. In most of the trips before, I was always too preoccupied with business agendas, travelling non stop from one place to another.

As I am able to stroll leisurely at my own pace this time round, I begin to see China and Hong Kong from another different perspectives.

Previously, China to me was a country furiously trying to build its nation via industrialisation and pseudo-capitalism. That was because most of the places I visited previously were more of industrial estates and corporate organisations type of nature. However, China to me now is a buzzing place full of its own culture, history and way of life. Chatting with locals and living their lives open up my eyes on how advance China can be and how some of their people actually enjoy their lives better than us in Singapore, in general. At one point, I was even entertaining the idea of retiring in China. (But I know I won't as I still prefer my own motherland and the place I am in now at this moment) ;P

And Hong Kong sets me thinking in the other direction. As I shun normal hotels this time, I am staying much closer to the real lives of Hong Kongers. I can really feel the stress and hectics of life and crampyness of space. Glad I am not forever living this kind of life. Not that I don't like Hong Kong. It is just that it does not suit my palate in long run. But definitely, I am open to visiting Hong Kong again in future :)

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