Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Pan Fry Salmon Steak with Peppers : 7 Easy Steps Recipe

Yesterday I pan fried a salmon steak and the result is the best up till now in my salmon cooking experience. The fish ended up crispy on the outside but tender and juicy in the inside. Even my hubby gave good review! (this is the first time he give good comment on my cooking so I am very very happy *dancing around in the room*) :D

I like this dish a lot as it is so delicious yet simply too easy to prepare. And I'll share how I did it here with you all.

1. First, smear some coarsely grounded black peppers onto both sides of salmon steak (flesh side and skin side).
2. Then rub some olive oil all over the salmon.
3. Heat up the frying pan (without adding any oil).
4. When the pan is hot enough, fry the salmon with skin side down.
5. Cover the pan till the salmon is turning pale about 1/3 thick.
6. Turn the salmon to the other face and repeat step 5.
7. Pan fry left and right side of salmon too in order to trap in the fresh salmon juice inside the salmon.

Voila! And here you are. A healthy, tantalizing delicious and easy to cook Pan Fry Salmon Steak with Peppers, a successful creation of CECiL ;D

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