Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Basic Chinese Cooking 101 : a Beginner's Guide

I remembered the first time I cooked a Chinese style fried noodle about ten years ago. I was still studying at university at that time. Being a green-horn in Chinese cooking, I did some mistakes and ended up the food tasted unappetizing (ok, ok, I admit was actually to the extent of inedible, happy?! ). And the irony was that the one that have to suffer the aftermath of it was not me. As the intended recipient was for my housemates, I can still vividly remember the "grateful" faces they made upon the consumption of the morsel.

So here I am going to talk about some basic Chinese cooking tips once in a while in this blog, hoping to be able to help those facing the same predicament that I was in last time. (Hey the room is suddenly so bright, I think I am emitting a bright halo now! *smack and wake up* .... Oh it's just someone who had just turned on the light)

So stay tune ......

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