Friday, February 13, 2009

Egypt Adventure : Mummy Tomb Raider

As many of you had known that I had been to Egypt recently. But there is something that most of you do not know. I had met an archeologist during the trip and made friend with him. Thought that it was pure fun getting to know an archeologist who is so knowledgeable about ancient Egypt.

And this is a secret that I am going to share with you here. Swear that you do not anyhow tell anyone. Or else I will be in very very big trouble .....

The mentioned guy send me an email telling me that he has a secret underground network of Tomb Raiders ! And this time round he is enlisting a new group of raiders (he's saying that his original raiders are currently busy at another tomb in another part of the world ...blah blah blah) to help him raid a new found tomb in Egypt. And at bottom is a snapshot of the recruitment notice that he had send to me, together with some info on the targeted operation site, enquiring whether I am interested ....

Sensing the this might be a hoax, I ran some searches in the internet and saw that new 30 MUMMIES found in Egypt ! And this is sure not a joke !!!

So what should I do ?!?

I think I'll take this up.....

So I'll be away from Singapore (and my blog updates) for quite some time. But don't worry for my safety as I'll try to post my adventures online whenever I managed to get some internet connection.

Wish me luck ......

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