Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Away, Tummy Fats !!!

Oh no ... something is protruding and bouncing like a ball of meat from my body !

Of course not the meatball above. It's my tummy fat causing me agony when I realized some of my pants are "shrinking" (this sound lots better than saying my tummy is expanding right?). Guess I have been sitting around too much, not exercising.

So my brothers and sisters, I am announcing that from today onwards, I will not let the extra flesh (or fat?) become an annoyance to my life. And here is what I am going to do .....


I am going to start an exercising program in order to trim down the fats! And for this, I will need lots and lots of motivation so that the program won't be another "half past six" effort of mine.

So the first thing I am going to do is to create a little cute image of myself and put it on my desktop as a daily reminder.

Ain't I cute ? (Of course I am referring to the image lar...)

Not only that, I am going to inform those close to me about my exercising program so that they can help cheer me on and keep me on track too ! (pun intended)

And I am going to stick to this thing till the end of my program.

Wanna join me (and challenge me online too) ?

Why wait further ?

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