Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Egypt Adventure : The Etihad Flight

That's right! As most of you had guessed from my previous post, I am actually going to talk about my trip in Egypt in this post. Me in Egypt definitely not because of the new found Mummy Tomb. I know some of you already seen through my joke in previous post :) But for those who are still wondering what's happening, you could actually know that I was pulling your leg when I categorized the post as "fiction" and also the tale-telling "advertisement".
Ho ho ho ....

So here's on Egypt after a long wait!

What a cozy ambiance!

This is my first time on Etihad Airways (an UAE Airline). Never thought that there are other Airline providing service and in-flight facilities better than Singapore Airlines!

The cabin lighting changes color prior to takeoff, providing a techno but yet relaxed feel. The inflight entertainment system is using touch screen. The Safety Procedure was shown in 3D Animation. And the best? And the Air Stewards are also very handsome! *my saliva all dripping from watching them at work*

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