Saturday, February 28, 2009

Basic Chinese Cooking 101 : Tips #1 Garlic

In this first post on Basic Chinese Cooking 101 series, I will be talking about Garlic. Why Garlic? Because I found garlic in my food nearly everyday ;)

So here are things that you should know :

1. When looking for fresh garlic, choose those with solid and firm garlic heads.

2. If a garlic feels light or hollow and soft, it is not fresh. It's a no no if you can see sprout coming out of the head, because it is too old.

3. Keep your garlic in a cool and dry place, which is away from light and heat. Ample air circulation is also needed.

4. Sometimes your hands will still smell of garlic even after washing. To get rid of the smell, you can just rub your hands on any available metal around you.

5. You may get rid of garlic smell in your mouth by drinking green tea and lemon juice or eating yogurt. Chewing on parsley and fresh herbs also helps.

6. Remember to bring garlic with you if you suspect of any bloodsuckers around, such as vampire, mosquitoes and ticks. But sorry to say, it might not be affective against Ah Longs (illegal money lenders).

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