Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby (Part 2)

Here comes PART 2 (hah, did you missed PART 1 ?) on how to choose the sex of your baby.

Of course as you had learned in many treasure hunt movie, most treasures were hidden in a few separate parchments. Of course this one follows the rules (or else nobody is going to take note of what I am saying seriously)

So here it is ...


Here's another one :
A study of 740 women found that those who ate a high-calorie diet (2,413 calories a day) around the time they were ovulating had 10 per cent more boys than women on lower-calorie diets (2,283 calories a day).
Erm ...pardon me but does this means that gluttons and fat girls will have more chances of giving births to boys? (I know, i know, these 2 might not be directly proportionate to calorie intake quantity, whatever)

So ladies, if you are trying for a baby boy, remember to eat your breakfasts everyday. The main point here is to maintain high level of glucose (which encourage the growth and development of male embryos).

The study also showed that diets with high levels of sodium (found in salty foods), potassium (bananas and tomatoes) and calcium (dairy products) made conceiving a boy more likely – but it wasn’t clear why.

Heard that also, almost 60 per cent of regular cereal eaters had boys compared with only 43 per cent who ate less than a bowlful a week.

So remember those nutrients if you are aiming for boys. But becareful not to exceed 6g of salt per day, avoid obesity, or going on hunger strike ;)

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